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ElectionWorx features

ElectionWorx is a world-class election tool

It is easy to use for both the administrator as well as the people who have to nominate or cast votes.

The ElectionWorx system does not limit the number of people who can nominate or vote at any one time.

You will be able to: upload an information document about your election, limit the number of people who can be nominated at a time, limit the number of votes people can cast at a time, upload CV's of nominees, load a list of everyone who can be nominated, and upload a list of everyone who will be able to nominate and vote.

Upload an information document about your election

It is easy to use for both the administrator as well as the people who have to nominate or cast votes

Audit your result to make sure everything happens above board


ElectionWorx saves you time and money and makes you wildly efficient.

An easy-to-use, powerful and secure election tool that can be used anywhere, anytime, ElectionWorx allows you to set-up and run your election with ease and speed, no matter the size! And we are POPI compliant! 

  • Run your entire election online
  • Vote from any device, any platform
  • Specify the number of times any one person may nominate
  • Load CV's of nominees before you open voting
  • Audit your results to ensure the fidelity of all processes
  • POPI compliant

ElectionWorx Security

All user information is secure

We wanted to create a viable solution that eliminates paper, but also saves time and money. But, because of the need for privacy, the solution had to be secure: elections are,  by  nature, strictly confidential.

ElectionWorx was developed with this in mind: it is hosted in a secure environment and all the user information on the site is encrypted

Never worry about secure user or election information falling into the wrong hands. All documents are encrypted as they are loaded onto the system.

The tool is published on a https:// secure site and all user access is username and password protected.

What you need to know:

  • All the user information, as well as any documents hosted on the site, are fully encrypted.
  • The website is password-protected with user registration and authentication. The administrator can manage all of the passwords and user access via the CMS.
  • The tool will be hosted on an external web server but will be closed for search engines (such as Google).

ElectionWorx Clients

ElectionWorx was developed specifically for Board Elections, but can be used for any large election campaign. The following are just some of our clients that have used ElectionWorx for successful, streamlined Trustee Elections. 


Our Pricing

Full use of the ElectionWorx system to run your own campaign:

R18 985.00 excl. VAT

Optional Extras:

  • Facilitation of your entire election process
  • Preparation of hard-copy nomination forms, CVs and voting ballots
  • Telephonic support for users
  • Printing and delivery of hard-copy forms
  • Sending bulk communication emails and/or SMS

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